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The difference now is that China, through its eavesdropping on Mr. Trump friends like Mr. Schwarzman, who figured prominently in the first meeting between President Xi Jinping of China and Mr. Targeting the friends of Mr. Schwarzman and Mr. Wynn can reinforce the views of the two, the officials said. The friends are also most likely to be more accessible.

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One official said the Chinese were pushing for the friends to persuade Mr. Trump to sit down with Mr. Xi as often as possible. The Chinese, the official said, correctly perceive that Mr.

That Old Phone Trump Uses for Twitter Could Be an Opening to Security Threats

Trump places tremendous value on personal relationships, and that one-on-one meetings yield breakthroughs far more often than regular contacts between Chinese and American officials. Whether the friends can stop Mr. Trump from pursuing a trade war with China is another question. Officials said the president has two official iPhones that have been altered by the National Security Agency to limit their abilities — and vulnerabilities — and a third personal phone that is no different from hundreds of millions of iPhones in use around the world.

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Trump keeps the personal phone, White House officials said, because unlike his other two phones, he can store his contacts in it. None of them are completely secure and are vulnerable to hackers who could remotely break into the phones themselves. But the calls made from the phones are intercepted as they travel through the cell towers, cables and switches that make up national and international cellphone networks.

Calls made from any cellphone — iPhone, Android, an old-school Samsung flip phone — are vulnerable.

The issue of secure communications is fraught for Mr. Intercepting calls is a relatively easy skill for governments. American intelligence agencies consider it an essential tool of spycraft, and they routinely try to tap the phones of important foreign leaders. In a diplomatic blowup during the Obama administration, documents leaked by Edward J.

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Snowden, a former contractor for the National Security Agency, showed that the American government had tapped the phone of Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. Foreign governments are well aware of the risk, and so leaders like Mr. Xi and Mr. Putin avoid using cellphones when possible. President Barack Obama was careful with cellphones, too.

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He used an iPhone in his second term, but it could not make calls and could receive email only from a special address that was given to a select group of staff members and intimates. It had no camera or microphone, and it could not be used to download apps at will.

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Texting was forbidden because there was no way to collect and store the messages, as required by the Presidential Records Act. When Mr.

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Obama needed a cellphone, the officials said, he used one of those of his aides. Trump has insisted on more capable devices. And since becoming president, Mr. Trump has agreed to a slightly cumbersome arrangement of having two official phones: one for Twitter and other apps, and one for calls.

Sometimes, it doesn't return a location at all. This is further complicated due to the fact that while phones have made large technological advances in terms of size, power and the ability to use GPS, the technology most call centers were designed for has not.

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